About Sun Kissed Blush
sun kissed blush
/sʌn kɪst blʌʃ/
noun: also spelled as sun-kissed blush

a healthy, youthful reddening of the face created by the sun.

"Your sun-kissed blush is popping!"

verb: also spelled as sunkissedblush

to live a care-free, happy kind of lifestyle touched by the sun that glows through your skin.

"Follow us on social media to sunkissedblush your life".
We Are Sun Kissed Blush
Sun Kissed Blush is a new media and digital production company that specializes in beauty & lifestyle and is dedicated to the real women who are shaping the world.

Our company was created with the ambition to become an accessible online platform to inspire and empower women in their purchase decision by providing unbiased and honest reviews along with easy-to-follow beauty tips that help each of these women feel beautiful.
We believe in
all-inclusive beauty and approachable
Self-care shouldn't be complicated, but easy to follow and what is more important, bring you joy.
We believe that every skin tone, each curve, and every wrinkle tell the story of each and every woman under the sun. Womanhood can be challenging at any age, and yet, it is beautiful, and we want to celebrate each step of it
through self-care.
We believe that women can wear many hats at the same time and succeed in every role that they have to play. Today, we live in a world when a woman doesn't have to choose between happiness and success so that she can have it all. But all of us need resources to recharge our superpower and this is something we want to help you with.

We believe that beautiful skin is happy skin, and it starts with a happy soul.
Our Heart

We specialize in natural beauty, self-care, healthy lifestyle & well-being and focus on wearable, all-inclusive beauty and fashion trends.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help women at any age choose the best beauty products without spending their most precious currency - the time, on browsing for reviews.
Our Goal

We aim to help goal-getters feel beautiful at any life stage and focusing on what really matters without distractions.
Our Promise

We promise to provide you with unbiased reviews and honest opinion because we put your trust first.

Integrity & Transparency

We believe in our integrity and the reader's trust. We aim to provide bias-free and honest reviews.

When it comes to partnerships and sponsored posts, we want you to know that we partner only with the brands whose vision aligns with ours and who's transparency and integrity we can trust ourselves.
Sun Kissed Blush Approved Award
For the greatest things under the sun, we created an award system.
Only the best products and services available in the industry are getting this award. The award badge cannot be purchased or obtained otherwise, for instance, in exchange for something. We put quality and trust above everything else, so at Sun Kissed Blush you can find reviews you can count on.
Award Winners
How it All Started
The idea of Sun Kissed Blush was born long before it had its digital footprints, and remained mostly as a dream for years. Few years forward, in 2017 Sun Kissed Blush made its debut as a beauty blog, and later on, in 2019 grew into a media company, founded by Farah Gasimzade, a Houstonian with Azerbaijani soul.
name meaning
Why Sun Kissed Blush?
The reasoning behind "Sun Kissed Blush" name is linked to Farah's origin. She was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan, a city at the bay of the Caspian city.
From a very young age, the fresh, glowy blush on Farah's face, that she used to get after spending summers by the beach, became her go-to look. And while tanning is something Farah started to look upon later on, layering herself with mineral sunscreen, sun-kissed blush remains her favorite, easy to recreate look, that is timeless, always fresh, healthy, glowy and natural.

After moving to US and settling down in Houston, TX, the sun remains Farah's inspiration to grow, dream and create. You can find all her content soaked in sunlight and love.

For us, Sun Kissed Blush is more than just a makeup look. It's a state of the soul, it's a lifestyle. This is why we created this space to cherish, celebrate and share the best things under the sun.
And if you think about it:
Life is so much better when touched by the sun.
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